Noble Vineyard Management is a sister company of Noble Custom Harvesting.  Noble Vineyard Management is a full-service Vineyard Management Company headquartered in Mendocino County that provides comprehensive management services.  In addition to management, Noble provides consultation services to its clients regarding grape sales and vineyard development. Noble partners with the most competent third-party Pest Control Advisors to ensure site specific Integrated Pest Management practices are employed in each vineyard. Our dedicated crew and our up-to-date fleet of equipment ensure each job is done in the most efficient and effective manner.

Farming with scale has become a reality in the face of enhanced regulation and a tightening labor supply. Noble exists as a resource for vineyard owners to partner with as they navigate the complexities of today’s farming landscape. Whether you are a hands-on farmer or an investor, the farming expertise, the skilled labor, and the modern fleet of equipment that Noble possesses create opportunities to enhance fruit quality and reduce farming costs through operational efficiencies.

The principals of Noble are directly involved in local farming and public policy organizations. With hot button issues around water security, land use, labor resources, mechanization, and sustainable farming practices becoming more intense, Noble places a high value on being engaged with the community to help ensure agricultural interests are served.

Noble was created by a collection of multi-generational farmers that banded together to pool their resources and expertise in an effort to keep their family farms competitive in the face of ‘Farming Corporatization’. We are proud to offer an alternative to selling the family farm. We welcome the opportunity to put our diverse experience as farmers, business people, and lifelong learners to work for you.